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Vol. 1, Issue 3. 

In this final edition of Beak to Beak for 2018 we're pleased to share with you details of our latest round of contracted R&D projects and final reports from completed projects. It's been a productive year for the AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program and we're looking forward to continuing the momentum in the new year. For program details and the latest research publications visit the 
AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program website

We wish you a wonderful festive season, and before the holiday period gets underway we encourage you to share our latest open call opportunity with your networks: 

AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program Open Call

AgriFutures Australia is inviting applications from suitably qualified research providers for projects relating to the AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program. The public open call for research proposals has commenced, with Round 2 closing 5pm (AEST) Thursday, 24 January 2019.

Apply now

Newly contracted project summaries

PRJ-010967: Antimicrobial sensitivity testing – a survey of laboratory capacity
The aim of this project is to identify all laboratories that provide services to the Australian chicken meat industry, establish the capacity of these laboratories to undertake isolation, characterisation and/or antibiotic resistance profiling of bacteria from chicken samples, and to determine whether there are any future plan

PRJ-011119: Suitability of litter amendments for the Australian chicken meat industry
The aim of this project is to undertake a detailed review of information available on litter amendments, accompanied by an industry survey to provide the Australian chicken meat industry with a detailed, impartial assessment of the potential benefits of amendment use, along with guidelines for its effective implementation.

PRJ-010965: Review of rodent control for the Australian chicken meat and egg industries
The aim of this project is to raise awareness and provide an update on the status of rodent control across the Australian chicken meat and egg industries.

PRJ-011008: Next generation probiotics to enhance the gut health of chickens
The objective of this project is to identify and develop probiotic strains of bacteria that can reliably colonise and thrive within the gut of chickens.

PRJ-011023: Antimicrobial stewardship verification in the Australian chicken meat industry
This project will develop a verification program for AMS frameworks established within the Australian chicken meat industry through self-audits or audits by an independent third party

PRJ-011147: Study of the economic impact of the chicken meat industry
This project aims to estimate the economic impact of the chicken meat industry and to identify local and national issues that may impact on the industry in the future.

PRJ-011301: Mass Disposal Preparedness Project
The objective of this project is to conduct a pilot study that outlines the development and implementation of efficient and structured decision-making processes in the South Australian poultry industry for the disposal of large quantities of poultry.

PRJ-011452: Research and scope a QA program for the Chicken Meat Industry - Scolexia 
The objective of the project is to undertake a review of current industry practices and existing international and domestic audit programs and modules to determine whether some can be adopted or modified to specifically cater for the Australian chicken meat Industry and integrated into an industry audit program.
Final reports

PRJ-010245: Effect of an in-shed sprinkler cooling system on temperature, relative humidity, water usage, litter conditions, live weight and mortality
This report describes the first Australian trial of a low-pressure, overhead sprinkler system that reduces the need for conventional evaporative cooling pads or high pressure foggers in meat chicken houses.

PRJ-009910: Addressing odour abatement and assessment knowledge gaps using PTR ToFMS
This report builds on previous odour research funded by AgriFutures Australia to find ways to assess and measure poultry odour more objectively, conveniently and cost-effectively. It describes the use of state-of-the-art, high-resolution mass spectrometry (PTR–ToFMS) to determine the chemical composition of odour emissions from meat chicken sheds, and evaluate odour abatement strategies in terms of reductions in the compounds that contribute to odour impacts.

PRJ-010598: Variable-speed fans for meat chicken sheds
Methods and technologies are continuously being developed to reduce power related expenses for farmers. One of the latest power saving technologies is variable-speed fans. These are fans that have the ability to operate at reduced speeds, and therefore reduced costs.

Nuffield Scholarship Report: Ben Edser
With support from AgriFutures Australia, Mr Edser undertook a Nuffield Scholarship to research whether poultry or other intensive livestock waste could be used as an alternative energy and revenue stream for farm businesses, and as a mechanism to reduce operational costs on farm.
Latest news & events
Researcher spotlight: Lida Omaleki
Lida’s project Clouds and Pasteurella multocida is investigating the re-emergence of the poultry disease fowl cholera and how genomic data can be used to investigate outbreaks. In addressing the growing problem, Lida has turned to international research to better understand the infection genomics field and the potential for genomic technology to provide quicker and more informative guidance to both veterinarians and farmers. According to Lida, the future of innovation in the chicken meat industry is bright, with big benefits on the horizon when it comes to preventing disease losses by means of sustainable, responsible prevention and control programs.
Chicken Meat RD&E website launched
Over the past two months, the Extension Officer and Communications Manager have been working behind the scenes to launch a dedicated Chicken Meat RD&E website. The website will be a repository for all research extension outputs from past and present projects. It will include links to final reports, newly contracted project summaries, completed project summaries, industry summaries, podcasts, program resources, events and other news. As new resources are uploaded we will share progress with you. Fresh content will be updated regularly, to stay up-to-date with the latest program news encourage your network to sign up to the AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program newsletter, Beak to Beak.