The latest news from AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program
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New research

New project summaries: 
  • PRJ-010984: Seasonal variation in the processing plant 
  • PRJ-011566: Co-designed scoping study to unlock the power of digital
  • PRJ-011564: Review of the Nutrient Content of Australian Feed Ingredients

Industry summaries:
  • PRJ-010220Critical amino acids to improve gut health of chickens fed reduced protein 
  • PRJ-010543: Evaluating sanitisers for widespread use in the Australian chicken meat industry

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Latest news

Feed Mill Biosecurity guidelines

Good biosecurity practices are essential throughout the chicken meat production chain to minimise the risk of incursion and spread of any serious endemic and exotic diseases. Feed manufacturing and delivery is a fundamental part of the production chain and strong biosecurity practices will help to reduce the risk of disease spread. Watch these guidelines now.

Chicken CCTV: Tech solution for poultry problems

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) mechatronic engineer Dr Cheryl McCarthy is researching a new way to detect chicken welfare using machine vision, a camera technology with artificial intelligence akin to face recognition. Read more. 

Think you’ve had a ‘poo’ day…

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries microbiologists are working with industry to understand the seasonal variation of the naturally occurring pathogens Salmonella and Campylobacter to help make our food even safer. Read more. 

Researcher Spotlight: Dr Amy Moss

With project funding from AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program Dr Amy Moss is compiling a database of nutrient specifications for common Australian feed ingredients used in poultry diets to aggregate the most up-to-date information available into one resource.
Learn more about Amy and her research.