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Hungry Jacks founder Jack Cowin says farmers can capitalise on new diets

The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks’ and now, according to the Founder of the fast food chain, they are also better for our worldAnd whilst the recent release of the plant-based Rebel Whopper has attracted a new customer base, Cowin’s primary ambition is to produce more of these economical alternative proteins in Australia, leading to additional jobs and greater investment. 

A menu item once reserved for hipster and vegan cafes in our metropolitan cities has now been unveiled in one of Australia’s most mainstream fast food outlets. It was hard to miss the launch of the Rebel Whopper, now available in 400-odd Hungry Jacks outlets since mid October and the sustainable burger is proving to be a huge customer pull. 

With an ever growing vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan consumer market, the question is no longer whether plant-based proteins are here to stay. The discussion has shifted since evokeAG. 2019 and the focus for the Asia Pacific’s premier agrifood tech event is ‘How can we  make room on the plate for both’? 

It’s a discussion Jack Cowin who founded the Hungry Jack’s burger chain, and is a major shareholder in ASX-listed Domino’s Pizza, will delve into at evokeAG. in February 2020. 

Over two days in Melbourne, more than 70 thought-provoking experts in their fields will take to the stage and share their ideas on how we can challenge the conventions of what we grow, how we grow it and what we eat. The evokeAG. 2020 program has been released, and from today, you will be able to view the speakers who will inspire, challenge and transform the way we think about food and farming into the future.

Tickets are selling fast:

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