What's on our horizon?
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Welcome to a New Year! 

Australian agriculture has a new face of rural champions. They are young professionals, dynamic, entrepreneurial, commercially savvy and strongly connected through social media. One of our goals is to support these champions so they have the skills to drive the future prosperity of our rural industries. 

We've kicked off the year with an announcement that Horizon Scholarship applications have opened. The AgriFutures™ Horizon Scholarship is an initiative which supports students enrolled in an agriculture-related or Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) degree. Successful candidates receive a $5,000 bursary, networking opportunities and access to special events. If this is you, or someone you know,
head this way.

our Emerging Industries space, keep an eye out for our investments in sea urchins, Manuka honey, truffles and quinoa. We are also in the process of developing a strategy which will bring more investment into other new and emerging industries. More details will be released later in the year. 

So much happening and we are already one month into the year! Catch you in February with our next newsletter.

Latest news & events
Gen Z to solve national rural issues in an exciting new school subject
AgriFutures Australia and startup.business have joined forces to deliver a new subject in rural and regional schools. Students from Generation Z (those born between 1995 – 2009) will tackle our nation’s agricultural problems through an entrepreneurial framework. One of these problems will be food security. Applications will open in late February for schools who want to take part in this exciting program. 
Silicon Valley, USA. An ideal university placement? 
AgriFutures™ Horizon Scholarship winner certainly thought he won the uni student placement jackpot when he jetted off to Silicon Valley late last year.
Sam was selected to attend the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship International Hacker Exchange Start-up Bootcamp. He got this opportunity of a lifetime thanks to the AgriFutures™ Horizon Scholarship that provides scholars with financial support, professional development opportunities and opens doors to experts and networks nationally and abroad.
Aussie chickens v USA chickens. What's the difference? 
AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat researcher Dr Sonia Liu has received a prestigious Endeavour Research Fellowship for her work focused on low protein diets in chickens. She’s off to the US to see firsthand how their chicken meat industry runs and what they do differently. Dr Liu's research will contribute enormously to nutritional advances in chicken production and the chicken meat industry, worth $2.7 billion with increases every year.
AgriFutures™ Thoroughbred Horses program gallops ahead

With the release of our Interim Thoroughbred RD&E Plan five-year plan, we are now looking to fund research that will support the profitability and sustainability of Australia’s world-leading thoroughbred industry. We’re looking for proposals which address areas including: improving breeding outcomes, foal health and development, Rreducing the impact of disease and parasites in horses  and improving horse safety and welfare.
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