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Research and innovation for rural prosperity

AgriFutures Australia has embraced a clear and unyielding mandate to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries through research and innovation. Our new Strategic R&D Plan 2017-2022 sets out our roadmap for the future – a future where we build on strong foundations to realise the many opportunities on the horizon.

This month we look at some of the industries, their projects and plans for the future.

Latest news and events
Robots revolutionising antimicrobial resistance testing
Robots are revolutionising testing for antimicrobial resistance in an Australian-first project, partnered by AgriFutures Australia. AgriFutures™ Chicken Meat Program has collaborated with Australian Pork Limited, Murdoch University and a number of biotechnology companies on this innovative project. The project aims to develop an inexpensive and accurate system for objectively defining antimicrobial resistance risks at the farm level.
From petri dish to lifesaver – consumers welcome Manuka honey
From modest beginnings in petri dishes to helping save lives, the leptospermum plant from which Manuka honey is derived is becoming increasingly important.

Manuka honey has made headlines for its medical applications in speeding wound recovery and managing bacterial infections. With the increasing emergence of antibiotic resistance bacteria, treatment via creams, gels and bandages with Manuka honey is becoming ever more valuable.   
Research into popular Aussie pastime on track
If you enjoy a day at the races, or just partake in the Melbourne Cup Day office sweep, be assured that the research, development and extension (RD&E) into the future of this popular Australian pastime is on track.

Australia’s Thoroughbred industry has plans to enhance its sustainability and prosperity, courtesy of a new levy that will contribute to addressing industry challenges and opportunities.
Improving skills and enriching knowledge focus for Rice Extension
AgriFutures™ Rice Extension is central to connecting people in the Australian rice industry to ensure productive growers and a sustainable future. The Australian rice industry is a world leader in production efficiency, water use efficiency and environmental management. It can produce enough rice to feed 20 million people 365 days a year. And, the AgriFutures Australia-funded Rice Extension is working closely with industry representatives to ensure it continues to be a front runner.